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brilliant.  and less cold than elsewhere

Bauhaus was founded in 1993 and was one of Seattle’s first independent coffee shops. The first Bauhaus opened it’s doors on October 5th, 1993 and was located in the Historic Melrose Building at the corner of Melrose and Pine in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Bauhaus quickly became the hub of lower Capitol Hill, where people came in to meet, create art, read, or just hang out and be part of the Bauhaus community. That iconic café had an amazing 20 year run until it was torn down due to new development in the neighborhood. Long Live the spirit of the original Bauhaus! October 5th, 1993 – October 5th, 2013. 

bauhaus strong coffee. ballard

That spirit now lives on in the historic and vibrant Seattle neighborhood of Ballard. Bauhaus Ballard was opened on October 17th, 2013 on the corner of Market Street and 20th Ave. Northwest, where it strives to serve that same great community spirit and our great tasting strong coffee.


Our Coffee

Bauhaus coffees are all a Delicate Full City Roast, where the beans roast past the first crack, but stop just prior of reaching the second crack at 440-445 degrees Fahrenheit. We believe in getting the most coffee flavor out of the coffee bean.

Bauhaus coffee is strong, flavorful, bold, rich, and smooth. Our motto is that “Bauhaus coffee tastes like coffee.” Bauhaus Coffee will never be sour, bitter, or bland. Bauhaus Coffee will always taste flavorful and rich and will not lose its flavor in milk.

Our Bauhaus blends were created to have a deep and rich flavor that is smooth to the pallet.  No matter how you take your coffee: latte, mocha, espresso, Americano, or drip coffee, a cup of Bauhaus Strong Coffee will always be satisfying and flavorful while packing a caffeinated punch.  


Bauhaus has always been about music.  Since it’s early days in the 90’s Some Guys Top 1000 Albumsup until today, musicians have graced our cafe, and we have always loved playing all kinds of music for our customers to enjoy.  Being a barista at Bauhaus is making the best tasting coffee in town and accompanying that with the pleasure of music.  Music and Coffee.  Morning, Day, and Night.  Music and Coffee.

Want some musical suggestions?  Check out a Bauhaus original – Scotto Walker’s Some Guy’s Top 1000 Albums.  A diverse and thoughtful list of some of Scotto’s favorite albums.  Many were played first at Bauhaus during the 301 East Pine days.

Bauhaus is a proud underwriter of Hollow Earth Radio.