Local Coffee spots

If your neighborhood coffee shop is on a main street corner, this can be a great option for finding a coffee machine that has ample space to store beans, as well as, ample room for brewing. These shops typically get much more traffic than more hidden, back-of-the-house type shops, so they tend to have bigger selections. But because they are located on the main drag of a neighborhood, you will get to sample many different kinds of coffees, not just the ubiquitous espresso.

What Makes a Good Coffee Shop?

A great way to start enjoying some locally roasted coffee is at your local coffee shop. Many times, you will find that there are several on the same block that serve different types of coffee. Depending on what your specific tastes are, you can narrow down your options this way. It s a great way to spend time with family and friends, especially if they have their own espresso machines. You can also purchase one of these machines for use at home, if you want, and enjoy a delicious cup of espresso each day at any time of the day. There are even some companies that offer coffee machines designed specifically for people on the go who travel frequently.